Can you Take CBD If You’re in The Military?

by in CBD News September 15, 2019


CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed since hemp was removed from the federal government’s list of controlled substances by the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

Many state legislatures have reacted in different ways, with some (such as Oregon) taking further steps to legalize other related substances such as marijuana. Whereas others have tightened up the law surrounding hemp-derived products.

So what about the military? How has the Pentagon reacted to the new federal legislation?

Can Active Service Personnel Take CBD?

Well unfortunately for servicemen and servicewomen, the response has been pretty emphatic and unambiguous.

In a statement made by their Director of Human Performance the Department of Defense (DOD) reiterated, “CBD is completely forbidden for use by any service member in any of the services at this point in time”. 

The stance has caused quite the controversy, especially considering the Army themselves recently admitted that they can’t find any adverse health effects related to taking CBD oil. 

So why have the Army, Navy, Airforce and Coastguard taken such a strong stance against this seemingly beneficial chemical compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant?


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Ruling Based On Advice Given by FDA The so-called “out-of-touch” position of the military seems to be based on advice given by the FDA. They argue that the health benefits of CBD have not yet been scientifically proven, they are yet to test a wide variety of products, and they feel that in some states the industry is very poorly regulated. The Navy’s official comment on CBD revealed as much, “Commercially-available hemp products, including CBD, have not been inspected by the FDA and therefore have not been proven to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness. Some of these products do not list all ingredients, making it impossible to know definitively how much CBD, THC or other synthetic cannabinoids they may contain.” It’s certainly true that untested CBD products can often have much higher amounts of THC than stated on the label which could see an active service person fail a drug test, and consequently potentially lose their career. That’s why it’s so important to buy your CBD from purveyors who release their independent lab tests on the contents of each product. Is the Military’s Stance Likely to Change? Despite the fact that hemp is legal at a federal level, the military has remained resolute in its position. However, that may change in the future. With the passing of time, the FDA will have a chance to review the increasingly scientific evidence surrounding the health benefits that CBD is purported to provide. The FDA themselves have stated that they are open to progressing a sound, science-based policy with regards to CBD. What’s more, state legislature will have had time to catch up with federal laws, and as a result it’s likely that regulation will become a lot tighter, making ingredient lists much more accurate than they are today. So it’s not all doom and gloom for you soldiers, sailors and airmen! It’s more of a “wait and see” scenario. Try CBD Today to Take Advantage of a Whole Host of Health Benefits For those of you not currently serving in the military, you still have the chance to take advantage of the wide range of health benefits CBD products can provide. From CBD gummies, to Nano-amplified CBD oil, we have a product that will suit your needs, including those of your petsBrowse our collection today to purchase third-party tested CBD products that you know you can trust.


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